How many days are best for Xinjiang tour?
7-15 days are best for Xinjiang tour.
Border crossing notices?
you must have visa in advance to go to Pakistan or Kyrgizistan from Kashgar.
what do you see in south Xinjiang tour?
Ancient traces of central and southern old silk roads were in South Xinjiang. the tour will be cultural,historical and landscapes of Karakorom mountains, vast endless extrem desert of Taklimakan.
what do you see in North Xinjiang?
Northen route of Old Silk Road was in North Xinjiang and the Tour is mainly beautiful sceneries,Landscapes,grasslands,mountians so.
When to come?
Best time is from mid April to October.
How many days are best for Kashgar?
To discover and enjoy thoroughly we recommend 3-4 days are best.
What festivals are most famous?

We have Kurban festival(it is sheep slaughtering festival) is the biggest for Muslims in China.

This festival is recommended If you are near or in Kashgar at this time of the year.

What do you need for a mountain trip?

Warm clothes, trekking or good walking shoes, Wind/Rain proof jackets and scarves to cover your faces, UV-protective sunglasses, sun protection lotion or gel, sun hat or cap, Medicine for mountain sickness like headaches, dizziness and try to stay covered to avoid bites from bugs or mosquitoes.[ /toggle]



How is the weather of mountain?
In general there is no weather forcast and no one can guess. You can expect four seasons in one day” if you are lucky”. So be prepared for it.
What to bring before going to desert trip?

If you stay overnight some warm clothes sun hat or cap, sun protection cream, proper shoes for desert walk, UV-sunglasses, UV- scarves, try to stay covered to avoid bites from bugs or mosquitoes, anti-insect sprays, hand sanitizer, a good flashlight and so on..

Any dress requirements for visiting any tourist sites?
Yes, respect the local cultures accordingly is the best. Little more covered like long trousers, longer is better.
Any dress requirements for visiting any tourist sites?
Yes, respect the local cultures accordingly is the best. Little more covered like long trousers, longer is better.
Any manners to know before go to a family visit?
There are some manners for men like no hand shake with ladies and vice –versa. Do not shake your hands after washing because the water splits to others is a very bed manner. Someone offers you anything accept it with your right hand. Clearing your nose while eating and farting is not at all acceptable.
How many hours drive to Tashkorgan?
It is 290 kilometers and mountain road and road condition is very good newly paved takes about 5-6hours so much to see, enjoy and admire. Normally to this frontier city surrounded by ice caped mountains of Tashkorgan is two days trip.
How many hours drive to Yarkend and the Taklimakan desert?
Yerkend is 190 kilometers from kashgar 3-4 hours by car and to the desert one more hour in total it takes one full day to visit this vast endless Taklimakan desert and yerkend city.
How long will it take to visit Karakul Lake?
One full day. it takes 7-8 hours to go and back to Karakul lake and enjoy the view for hours. If you stay overnight you will stay at Kirgiz yurt by the lake , after 5pm temperature will be declined to 2 to 10 degrees during summer days. so bring your warm and suitable clothes and good shoes for hike around this highland lake of 3600m above sea level.
How long it take to visit Shipton’s Arch?
It takes 5 hours to visit Shipton’s Arch go and back. A good sports or trekking shoes is strongly recommended for this wonderful Arch trip.
What is the weather like in kashgar?
Weather of kashgar is dry, hot and sunny from June to late September.
What is the distance from Kashgar to Khotan?
The distance is 530km and it takes about7-8 hours of driving.
What is the distance between Kashgar to Aksu?
It is 515km and takes 6-7 hours by car.
what is the distance from Kashgar to Kucha?
The distance is 730km. you can do it in one day but it is going to be a tough day. Road condition is very good.
Can we go to Kyrgizistan from Kashgar and how long will it take?
Yes, you can to go Kyrgizstan from kashgar through Turgat pass or Erkeshtam pass in one day. There are Public buses on very Monday and Thursday for Tourists from Kashgar to Erkeshtam pass. For the latest info please contact us. but for Torgat Pass you need a permit. our company can arrange all permits and transportations. for both border crossing.
Do you have border pick up service?
Yes. we can pick you up from Erkeshtam border and Torgat pass when arranged or as agreed.
Can we go to Pakistan from Kashgar?
Yes, you can. There are public buses but not available daily and not yet certain. We can inquire and arrange all by your requests on the time.
About health?
If you take any medications, make sure you bring enough to last for your entire trip before leaving your home. Western medicines are not easy to find.
How is the safety?
In general,very safe. crime rate in china is low, you will be received courteously through your journey. nevertheless, we encourage you to stay alert and be aware of your surroundings. Keep a close eye on your valuables and belongings while in crowded streets, night markets and so.
Electrical current?
Electricity runs in China at 220V, 50 cycles AC. Two-pin sockets and some three-pin sockets are in use. Most hotels have a socket in the bathroom for using both 110V and 220V. outside the bathrooms, only a 220V socket is provide. We recommend bringing your own adapter plug if you plan on using personal electrical appliances.
Money and credit cards?
The national currency is Yuan or Renminbi(RMB), referred as Kuai. The current exchange rate is US$1-6.9 yuan. Money exchanges can be conducted at the Bank of China in every city. You can also draw cash from your credit card, but these transactions are subject to a 4% surcharge in most banks, ATMs and CARD SWIPE MACHINES.
Do you need permit to come to Xinjiang or So?
No. as long as have valid Chinese visa you do not need anything.
How many desert high ways?
there are two desert highways. one starts from Kucha to Niye is old one which is about 683Km long and takes 9 hours of drive with less stops . and the new one starts from Aksu to Khotan is about 425Km long and takes about 8hours of drive.

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