Terms and Conditions

1.How to book a tour

  •  It’s easy. Search our website. If you have any questions, Please contact us.If you see just what you like, you can book directly from that tour’s page.
    If you’d like to modify a tour or customize your vacation experience, just tell us what you have in mind … special interests, experiences, destinations, hotel level, trip duration, departure date or time of year, and anything else. Our travel specialists are ready to help you devise the trip you’ve been dreaming of. Just fill out the form on our tailor-made page. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours with an itinerary made just to your specifications. Have questions or want to adjust it further, no problem. Just contact us again and we’ll revise your itinerary exactly to your liking.
    Once you’ve selected your tour or are satisfied with the special adventure we’ve devised together, you can secure it by sending us a non-refundable deposit of 10% of the total of the all arrangements we make for you: the tour, any included transport such as train or air, meals as indicated in the tour description, and tips for local guide and driver.

2. Cancellation policy

  •  We do hope it won’t be necessary for you to cancel your trip to China, but we also understand that unforeseen circumstances arise.
    In the unfortunate case that you need to cancel, the following is our cancellation policy:
    (1) 20% of total cost plus cancellation fee for any airfare or train tickets will be charged if canceled within 31-45 days priority to the departure
    (2) 30% of total cost plus cancellation fee for any airfare or train tickets will be charged if canceled within 15-30 days priority to the departure
    (3) 50% of total cost plus plus cancellation fee for any airfare or train tickets will be charged if canceled within 0-15 days priority to the departure
Prior to Departure          Charge
31-45 days 20% of total price
15-30 days 30% of total price
1-15 days 50% of total price
  • If you cancel your trip after the departure date or if you leave a trip already in progress, you will not receive any refund for any unused portion of your trip.

3. How to pay for the tour

  • You can use one of the following payment methods
    (1) International Bank transfer to our bank account
    (2) Domestic bank transfer to our bank account
    (3) Pay by Wechat or AliPay (please click here for details)
    (4)Pay by Paypal: This is the fastest way to make payment, but the service fee is quite high, so if you want to choose this way, you have to pay the 5% service fee for PayPal (please click here for details)
    (5)After you paid the deposit to confirm the tour, you can pay the balance in cash when you arrive at the first destination.

4. Tour Itinerary

  • One of the following conditions, if we can not continue the tour or have to change/cancel the itinerary, we discuss with you and make the best alternative arrangements for you.
    If it is before your tour starts, we definitely let you know the situation and discuss with you how to change the itinerary, If you want to cancel because of this reasons we refund full amount of your tour except the penalty for flights , trains and hotels Etc.
    If it is during the tour, discuss with you directly and make the best suitable replacements for you. we will not compensate or refund, we nevertheless try our best in order to limit potential loss or damage.
    The conditions are the Force Majeure, unpredictable events (natural calamity, epidemic diseases, terrorist activities; flood; earthquake or strikes); Sudden change of rules and regulations in some local attractions and spots which are powerless or out of our control.
    As the regulation this area would be often suddenly changes, We strongly recommend that travelers purchase cancellation/interruption insurance before departure.

5. Itinerary changes

  • If you want to change the itinerary before you confirm the tour, we are happy to change as much as you want. If you want to change after your tour is confirmed , you have to pay $20 USD per request plus penalty fee for flights, trains and hotels.

6.Health requirements

  • As an international traveler, you should familiarize yourself with local travel risks and health requirements applicable to the destinations you want to visit. Especially for some mountain areas in Xinjiang region, please consult your doctor to verify that you are fit to travel in high altitudes.


  • Our tour packages include China Travel agency liability insurance. This does not include your travel insurance. We highly recommend you buy full coverage travel insurance from your country as well as cancellation/interruption insurance before departure.

8.Flight and train tickets booking

  • We are happy to book your flight and train tickets if you book a tour with us. For this you must provide your passport copies in advance. If you wish to book yourself, there are many good websites online. Please note that train seats are limited, so we suggest you book at least two months before departure. You will need to book even further in advance for travel during National Holiday (1st till 7th Oct), before and after summer vacation (end of June, beginning of July; end of August and beginning of September) and some other Chinese holidays.

9.Visa and permit support

  • Recently Chinese embassies have been requesting a Letter of Invitation from local travel agencies to qualify for obtaining a Chinese visa. If you book a tour with our company, we will provide that Letter and any other necessary documents, including instructions for applying for the Chinese visa.
    As long as you have valid Chinese visa, you don’t need any other permit or documents for visiting Xinjiang Region. However, for traveling to places like Karakoram Highway, Bayinbublak Grassland, or the Torugart Pass, you will need special permits or documents, which our company will prepare once you confirm a tour with us.

10. Other remarks

  • Xinjiang Silk Road Tours is not responsible for any loss, injury, or damage caused to clients, including those occurring outside of the normal service programs.

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