Day Trip To Karakul Lake

  • Tour Code: KST12

  • Karakul Lake is one of the most popular destinations for visitors to the Kashgar Region

  • Tour Type: Private Tour

Tour Highlights

  • Enjoy horse or camel ride at the Karakul Lake with splendid views of snowcapped mountains.
  • Enjoy the beauty of both Kongur and Muztagh mountains the highest in Xinjiang.
  • Admire the natural sceneries, lakes and the great mountains along the KKH.

Tour Details
Day Trip to Karakul Lake
Hotel:Not included
Activities: Drive along the KKH, Stop at Opal Village, Oytagh Kunlunshan Colorful mountain range, Gaz Valley and check point, Bulungkol Valley (white sand mountain), Karakul lake and local Kyrgyz family visit.

We set out along the Sino – Pakistan Karakorum Highway, on the Pamir plateau (the roof of the world) visit Karakul Lake (3600m above sea level). The lake sits at the foot of the notorious, Muztagh Ata (7546m) and Gongur (7719m) mountains. ‘Muztagh Ata’ means Father of the Ice Mountains and is one the most beautiful and mysterious mountains in the world. Return by late afternoon to Kashgar.

You will have experience and enjoy the following on this tour

  • Opal village:This village is about 50kms (one hour drive) from Kashgar city and it is worth to stop for about 10-20 minutes for walk around; Take photos, taste fresh bread; Eat breakfast (if you have not eaten); buy some fruits or water for the trip. You will amazed on this village Monday market if you travel on Monday
  • Oytagh Colorful Mountains: Kunlunshan is famous for it’s rich Minerals and each Mineral adds a special color to the mountain, you will stop for taking photos or just enjoy
  • Bulongkol lake: Which means corner lake in Uyghur language , it is well-known as Sand-mountain (Baishashan), on a good day, It offers an impressive view with reflection in the water.
  • Kyrgyz family: you can pay a visit to Local Kyrgyz family and have a cup of Yak milk tea in their yurt by the lake
  • Hiking around lake: it takes about 3-4 hours to hike around completely or two hours by horse.

Tour price

  • Our Tour prices are seasonal, and we are specialized in organizing private tours, if you are interested in this tour, please let us know the time of your travel; the number of the PAX; the hotel star rating and other info as detailed as possible.
    So One of our tour consultants will contact you within 24 hours with more details.

Questions and answers!

When is the best time to visit Karakul lake?
From Arill till October is the best season to visit Karakul Lake
How long is the driving from Kashgar
It is about 4 hours driving each-way. It would take longer if you stop for photos along the way as the scenery of Karakoram Highway is stunning and incredibly beautiful
How long can we spend around Karakul lake?
You can spend about 1-2 hours around the lake.
When do we back to the city in the afternoon?
We don’t limit your time unless you catch a flight; train or any appointment. Anyway you can be back kashgar at any time before dark as you like
can we visit local families?
Yes, you can visit local Kyrgyz family near Karakul lake and have lunch with them or have a cup of local tea in their yurt (if they already set up their yurts) .
Is that possible to stay at local family?
At the moment it is not possible to stay at local family.
How is the temperature?
It is quite warm on day time and quite cold at night time. The difference between day and night is quite high. Day time would be about 15-25 degree and night time 5-10 degree in summer. So suggest you to bring warm and light clothes. sometime you would experience four season in one day 🙂
What is the altitude?
Karkaul lake is 3600m high sea-level.
Does it Couse high altitude sickness and is it dangerous?
It would Couse High altitude sickness.
If you are healthy it is not dangerous. If you don’t know or don’t have experience over 3500m altitude, we suggest you to bring some medicine with you. we can provide oxygen bag if needed.
How do we book this tour?
If you like to book this tour, we request 20% down payment; you can pay this down payment by one of the following payment methods.
please check our “terms and conditions”

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